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10 Fashion Trends Guys Can’t Do Without This Fall

10 Fashion Trends Guys Can’t Do Without This Fall

Fashion has a way of transcending all barriers of race, class, and culture. It brings people together in a way that nothing else can. Whether you’re a style insider or just getting started on your fashion journey, one thing’s for sure: trends move fast. From the day you first discover your love for fashion to the days when you can finally call yourself an insider, trends come and go.

This season, we’re already seeing some major fall trends come to life. From earthy tones to distressed details, the options are endless. But no matter how many different trends there are, there’s one constant: guys can never seem to get enough of them.

Whether you’re a guy or a girl, chances are you’ll be able to relate to at least one of these trends. Here are some of the best men’s fashion trends that we can’t get enough of this season.

Earthy Tones

We’re already seeing some major fall trends come to life, but there’s one constant: guys can never seem to get enough of them. One of the most popular men’s fashion trends this season is earthy tones. The combination of brown and grey hues creates a look that’s both cool and stylish, so it’ll be hard not to find something you love in these two colors. Earthy tones are great for people who want an easy-to-wear look that will work with any outfit.

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Distressed Details

Distressed details are a perfect example of how fashion transcends all social barriers. Whether you’re in the streets or at the runway, it seems like every guy is decked out in distressed jeans, shoes, or shirts.

It’s no surprise that the popular trend only continues to grow. The rugged detail gives off an authentic and cool vibe that can’t be replicated any other way. From deep creases and ripped seams to frayed hems, it’s easy to see why guys love this detail so much.

We love this trend because it’s not necessarily for one type of person. Guys who prefer more traditional styles can easily wear these jeans with a dress shirt and tie for a high-end look. And guys who are a little more fashion forward can wear them with some streetwear vibes for an edgier style. That makes them perfect for any guy who wants to update their wardrobe and stay on top of trends but doesn’t want to make too many changes at once!

Hoodies Are Here To Stay

Hoodies are a fall staple. They’re comfortable and casual, and perfect for all the different types of weather that come with this season. The best part? They can be dressed up or down. Match a black hoodie with some dark denim for a relaxed look, or pair it with your favorite jeans for something more dressy.

Dark Wash Jeans Are Perfect For Any Look

Jeans are a staple of every man’s wardrobe. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing them for a casual Friday at the office or an elegant black-tie affair, jeans are always in style. This season, I would recommend buying dark wash jeans because they go with just about anything you might need them for. From casual outfits to more formal getups, dark wash jeans are perfect for any look.

Mature Is The New Youthful

Mature is the new youthful. Gone are the days when an edgy haircut and baggy jeans were enough to make you cool. The most stylish guys nowadays are rocking a much more mature look. From hair that’s been cut into a more sophisticated style, to clothing that’s more tailored and fitted, these men know how to work it.

This season, it seems like menswear is becoming all about being polished yet still rebellious. It’s about finding balance in between those two extremes, and coming out looking like a total boss. Think about it; by dressing sharply, you’ll be seen as someone who knows what they’re doing with their life.

This particular trend is easy to pull off too! All you need is some well-tailored clothes, a new hairstyle, and maybe even some light facial hair if that’s your thing!


One of the easiest ways to achieve a timeless and classic look is by layering. It’s not too hot out to layer just yet, but you can start looking ahead to when it’ll be time. All it takes is a few pieces mixed and matched together in the right order with some key accents to get the layered look. There are so many different combinations that you can try out, so start collecting pieces now!

Pattern Is The New Print

Pattern is the new print, and we’re not just talking about stripes. When it comes to winter fashion, you can never go wrong with some good ol’ checks. Whether your style’s more preppy or edgy, there’s a pattern for every guy out there.

Watch Out For This One: Solid Colours

Solid colours are all the rage this season, and for good reason. They’re versatile, timeless, and can be mixed with just about anything. If you’re looking for a go-to fall outfit that will never get old, solid colours are your best bet.

No matter what your style is, there’s a shade out there that will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. Whether it’s a deep red or an army green, solid colours are simple and easy to combine with any other trend.

# Watch Out For This One: Distressed Details

Distressed details have been around for awhile now but they’re still going strong in the fashion world. These details give off that “cool” vibe without going overboard. It’s perfect if you don’t want to wear something flashy but still have a unique look.

Whether you like distressed jeans or boots, this trend has something for everyone!

# Watch Out For This One: White Sneakers

White sneakers are having an unexpected revival this season and we’re loving it! With so many different styles of white sneakers available (from canvas high-tops to leather lace-ups), these sneaks can give any outfit an instant upgrade. Plus, they go with anything from jeans to joggers – making them one of the most versatile pairs of shoes available today.


  1. Earthy Tones
  2. Distressed Details
  3. Hoodies Are Here To Stay
  4. Dark Wash Jeans Are Perfect For Any Look
  5. Mature Is The New Youthful
  6. Layering
  7. Pattern Is The New Print
  8. Solid Colours
  9. Watch Out For This One: Solid Colours
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