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How does modern lifestyle affect our health

How does modern lifestyle affect our health

The pace of life has increased manifold in the last few decades  lifestyle affect. With new technology, new jobs and new opportunities, life has become so fast that we hardly have time to pause and take stock of our hectic lives. The modern world in which we live is very different from the olden days. We live in air-conditioned homes, have access to food 24×7, and travel freely to different cities and villages. This rapid pace of life has its advantages as well as disadvantages.

On one hand, our modern lifestyle makes it possible to access a lot of knowledge and resources practically anywhere at any time. On the other hand, it causes some health hazards as well. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most significant impacts of our modern lifestyle on our health.

Food Insecurity

The modern world has made it easy to find food. We have supermarkets and shops that help us find fresh vegetables, fruits and dairy products. But, in some parts of the world where we do not have access to such facilities, people are left with only whatever food is available. This leads to what’s called food insecurity.

There have been studies that show how this insecurity affects a lot of families across the country. Families who depend on their daily wages for sustenance usually end up with poor nutritional intake especially if they live in urban areas where expensive vegetables are sold at higher rates than in rural areas.

Another study conducted by the Department of Agriculture found that almost 7% of American households were food insecure during the period between 2007-2010. This amounted to around 17 million people who had inconsistent or unsuccessful access to proper, nutritious diet. These numbers are staggering and enough to make you think twice before you eat your next meal!

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Air Pollution

The air pollution caused by our modern lifestyle is a major health hazard. Due to the rapid growth of industries and increased number of vehicles on the roads, there is an alarming increase in the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This has led to a rise in Global Warming with its many consequences such as melting glaciers, rising sea levels and generally warmer climate. The resulting weather conditions are often not conducive for optimum physical health.

Another problem due to air pollution is that it leads to breathing problems, cardiovascular diseases, and lung cancer. Apart from these issues, there have been studies which have found that exposure to high levels of pollutants can also lead to low birth weight babies, miscarriage and premature births among other health hazards.

Obesity epidemic

The most worrying repercussion of the modern lifestyle is the burgeoning obesity epidemic. With access to unlimited food and lifestyles that are sedentary by nature, it is natural for people to put on weight. The result is a society where almost one in three people are obese.

In the last few decades, our lifestyles have undergone drastic changes. The average person today spends hours sitting every day, only to walk short distances while carrying heavy bags. In contrast, people in the olden days were much more physically active and were outdoors most of their lives. This excess sitting leads to an increase in chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

The lack of physical activity has also led to higher instances of depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions because lack of physical activity increases production of stress hormones like cortisol, which can cause mood disorders over time.

Mental Health Issues

The rise in mental health issues is one of the most important health hazards of our modern lifestyle. We have become so used to fast-paced life that we often forget about what’s happening in the present. This results in a lot of stress and a feeling of being overwhelmed. Frequent worry and anxiety can result in poor mental health, which may lead to conditions such as depression or panic disorder.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

A lot of people believe that alcohol and drugs are harmless, but this is not true. Alcohol and drug abuse can have a significant impact on our health. People who indulge in alcohol or drugs often have a lower life span and are more prone to diseases.


Although the modern lifestyle has introduced many new and exciting opportunities for us, it has also created many new health problems for us to face.

While we can’t go back to the “old ways” of life, we can take steps to improve our well-being.

Eating a balanced diet, staying active, and avoiding the use of alcohol and drugs are some of the ways that we can find balance in a modern world



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